Kubotek KeyCreator

Maximize productive re−use of CAD data from anywhere

  • Support available for reading models, PMI and drawings from major MCAD file types including SolidWorks, CATIA, Creo, and NX
  • Quickly derive tooling and fixturing models from faces, edges, positions, and planar slices and measurements pulled off the product model
  • Instantly recognize basic features and find geometric patterns of faces and repeated parts
  • Interrogate imported models with a complete set of geometry verification, repair, and measurement functions
  • KeyCreator hybrid modeling approach supports removing problem faces, re-building surfaces, and restoring a water-tight solid
measurement tooling fixture features hybrid water-tight

Quickly build precise models

  • Powerful 3D sketching of shapes such as blocks, cylinders, and curves
  • Build complex shapes by sweep/loft of profiles and edges
  • Use simple unite and subtract/trim techniques to save time
  • Place features and parts from standards library
  • Insert construction planes at any time to position entities and profiles in 3D space exactly where they are needed

3D sketching ease-of-use complex shapes construction planes parts libraryPlay Video

React rapidly to unexpected changes

  • Drag faces/features and entities together along construction axes
  • Intuitively drive face edits using 3D dimensions as temporary constraints
  • Move/remove faces and entities without relying on or complicating previous history
drag faces features drive face edits history-free

Optimize data structure to the size of the project

  • Organize initial complexity using attributes and levels within a single file to avoid over complicated data management
  • Flexibly link/unlink external files as needed to manage the size of large designs or repeated parts/assemblies
  • Keep associated drawings within the project file or optionally link to separate files

Simply OrganizedView Full Image

Leverage a complete set of drawing functions

  • Fluently create all types of drawings, views, symbols, and details and completely control scaling, formatting, and automatic updating
  • Manage legacy drawings with traditional 2D drafting techniques such as layering and selection by color and line styles
  • Customize detail settings configurations to support national, corporate, and customer standards
  • Export drawings to PDF or share with the free KeyCreator Viewer
drafting drawings views symbols standards ANSI ISO layers

Simplify Programming of Your NC machine

  • Leverage fast generation of 2 to 3 axis and wire EDM toolpaths
  • Store toolpaths like any other entity in your model
  • Set stock area and rapid planes to reduce tool travel times
  • Configure post-processing of toolpaths into G code
  • Export curves as DXF toolpaths for industrial or artwork style cutters
toolpaths drilling milling wire EDM post processing stock

The Complete Set of Tools

The comprehensive 3D and 2D tools in KeyCreator have been evolving to meet the needs of manufacturing pros since the ground-breaking first-generation CADKEY program was released 1984.

  • Direct 3D Modeling iconDirect 3D ModelingDesign effortlessly with data from any source
  • Flexible Design Strategy iconFlexible Design StrategyFast, efficient CAD tools with no restrictions
  • Repair and Re-Use iconRepair and Re-UseFix and re-purpose models without rebuilding
  • Geometry Interrogation adn Measurement iconGeometry Interrogation and MeasurementMeasure and characterize your data
  • Data Exchange iconData ExchangeRead and write data in all industry standard formats
  • 2 and 3 Axis Machining icon2 and 3 Axis MachiningFast NC toolpath generation, no CAM tool necessary